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Candies & Millionaire?

Welcome Back…

For this entry, I would to share what we have came out with through editing one of the famous “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” based on another television show “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?”.

After thorough discussion, we have came out with the so named:

Do You Want Some Candies?


It might be a question why do we have to edit the style of the game and why don’t we just stick to the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? format? IT is simple; we believe that creativity can shape the learning process and make the lesson more enjoyable.

However, watching the other groups presenting is such an honour as I learn great deals how to use the game in various ways and styles. Instead, the feedback given session gave me more chances to improve our activities.



Best regards, MH…


Welcome Back…

I believe that learning is not limited to classroom activities with the use of picture cards and word cards. We can even use games in the classroom to teach language. I would suggest this game “Mystery Case Files – Ravenhearst” which is very suitable to build vocabulary. This link can give extra information regarding this game:


However, I have to remind all of you that this game is very much addictive, you might be spending all day long in front of your computer screen.


First, You have got to choose the place you would like to search for items:



Second, you have to find the items listed on the right panel. You are being timed, so better be fast. If you can’t find them, simply click the HINT button:image

Finally, before you are able to move to the next level, you have to solve riddles and this is the most interesting part for meimage

Do help yourself to find appropriate activities to help your pupils learn vocabulary through this game.

Best regards, MH…

Welcome Back…


For this entry,  I am kind of elaborating the tools that I have chosen. It’s kind of hard for me to choose between all the tools listed which finally give me idea to choose two different tools which have quite same functions which are Kerpoof and ToonDoo as suggested by the title.


– the front layout of Kerpoof…


– the front layout of ToonDoo

1. What?

Both the tools are websites or online tools that offers users to create various kind of arts such as drawing, comic strips, pictures and so much more. To use these tools, all you need to do is register for an account which requires an email address. since these are web-based program, no downloading is required, so save bytes of your hard disk space…

2. Advantages?

– Freedom of expression as they allow users to creatively express themselves creatively through arts.

– They have various functions and are not limited to just one single function. Therefore give users a few options of what they wanted to create.

– Promote and enhance users creativity.

– User friendly layout and are very much suitable for kids to explore.

– Sharing works with the world.

3. Limitations?

– Users need internet connection all the time with these tools as they are web-based.

– Users will have to update some of the software in the computer such as flash player so as to use these tools.

4. For Teachers?

– Create a comic strips for reading text which contains dialogue.

– Create picture cards to be used in the classroom.

– Create small word cards to be used for language games.

Below is the tutorials on how to operate these tools:

Tutorial on Kerpoof
Tutorial on ToonDoo


Regards, MH…

MH & the Wonders of TPaCK

Welcome Back…

I have previously listed down my wish list that I hope to complete in the future. In this particular piece, I want to somehow or rather bring you back to my Teaching Practice experiences specifically the power point presentation that I have used for one of my lessons which regards to TPaCK. It can be downloaded from my skydrive or simply click here if you want to have a thorough look at the power point presentation. Winking smile

Basically, TPaCK represents Technology (T), Pedagogy (P), and (a), as well as Content Knowledge (CK). You will understand more about this TPaCK thingy by observing and interpreting this diagram.



I have used this power point presentation for a reading lesson and the title of the story in the power point is “I Wonder How” created by me myself.



You might be wondering how TPaCK is integrated in my lesson right??? Rolling on the floor laughing So below is the description how the lesson was delivered.


It is portrayed through the use of technological tools such as LCD projector, laptop, speakers, and a software so called Microsoft Power Point.Smile with tongue out Power point was used to portray the story as it is easy to create a story and easy to handle. This is the part where the Technological Content Knowledge took place apart from just technology being used. In other words, I used technology to deliver the story which is the content knowledge to the pupils.


Pedagogy is basically the methods or ways teachers used to deliver their instruction through out the teaching and learning session. In this particular lesson, I used various methods but the most prominent is Audio-lingual Method. This method holds the principle of Behaviourism in which repetition is emphasized. I used loads of repetition especially during the while-reading part to ensure the pupils are able to read with correct pronunciation and intonation. There is a kind of Technological Pedagogical part in which I used the voice recorded in the power point to model repetition to the pupils. I click a button to repeat the recorded voice over and over again.Party smile


Content knowledge is perhaps the intended language focus. In this lesson, the topic is Animals and intended language focus is verbs on how the animals produce their sounds. Some of the elements such as the sounds of the animals are delivered using sound effects saved in the power point. The verbs intended can be easily portrayed through the saved sounds effects and can be repeated consistently a few times. In conclusion, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge is integrated simultaneously during the lesson through the technological tools [LCD projector, laptop, speakers, power point software] used to deliver the content knowledge [verbs and the sounds of animals] using the pedagogical method [Audio-lingual Method] chosen.

Hopefully you get the idea how I had integrated TPaCK in my lesson.Nerd smile

Best regards, MH…

MH & the Chamber of Wishes

Welcome Back…




I have reflected on my teaching experience in my previous entry. For this entry, I would not be talking about the past, but rather about the future. Party smile 

10 wishes that I wish to carry out in the future which regards to the usage of ICT.

10. Training Teachers

Teachers will be provided with adequate training in using all the ICT related tools both in physical and virtual world. Once the teachers are equipped with enough experiences and knowledge regarding the tools, then only they are able to integrate such tools in their teaching.

9. Flooded Classroom

Classrooms need to be fulfilled with all the resources needed in order for ICT to be integrated during teaching and learning session. “Flood” here does not mean that we allow water to fill the classroom but rather filling the classroom with ICT resources such as educational DVD, e-book and sort of things like that.

8. E-textbook

Textbook need to be changed from paper-based to electronic-based as to ensure students do not have to carry so much things on their bag pack. In other words, everything under 1 package.

7. Nerd Netbook

Each student should be equipped with an intelligent netbook since their first year of schooling and will use that up till certain level. The netbook should be intelligent in the sense that only educational materials can be installed or surfed.

6. Wi-fi Wealthy

School compound will be equipped with high-speed wireless internet coverage in order to allow the students to carry out online exercise or examination. However, access to certain websites will be controlled by the authority.

5. Computerized Classroom

Each classroom will be transformed in which the basic facilities to use their ICT tools are available such as desks with a power socket, LCD projector, curtain that can block excessive light as well as appropriate lighting. This ensure that each student are able to use their nerd netbook at the same time without having difficulties and smooth presentation of teaching and learning session.

4. Sustain Safeguarding

Since there are so many technological tools, each school will be equipped with a technician to ensure all the facilities are in good condition. Technicians will be placed in school based on the school’s capacity. School with loads of classroom will need more than one technicians.

3. Collaboration & Contribution

Schools will have to collaborate with private sectors in which a kind of win-win situations are offered. Both parties will be benefited from the collaboration. Parents do have their parts too. They are encouraged to contribute as much as they can not just on the form of funding but include expertise and advices.

2. Expanse Education

Teachers and students are encouraged with a distance learning programme in which they are allow to learn using web applications such as Facebook for current situation. They extend the classroom learning outside of the classroom environment.

1. Disneyfication of Classroom Environment & Mentality

Each classroom will be equipped with all the facilities needed; each student will be equipped with nerd netbook and each teacher will be given adequate knowledge regarding ICT. Therefore, the classroom environment and mentality of stakeholders need to be disneyfied. For classroom environment, each and every classroom will be equipped with all the facilities needed, therefore it is the job of the teacher to use the facilities and organize ways to use it appropriately. The mentality of people related to the school will also be changed in which they need to understand that ICT helps to enhance teaching and learning as well as the effectiveness.

These are just wishes, and hopefully the wishes are accomplished

Open-mouthed smile


Regards, MH…

MH, TP & ICT; yes OR no???


I’m so relief that my teaching practice [TP] is over yet was thinking of going to school again as I pretty love my TP experiences. I was assigned Year 3 pupils for English and Year 4 pupils for Mathematics. But, I would prefer to go second time with no lesson planning but merely teaching Open-mouthed smile

Reflecting my experiences during TP, whether or not I use ICT in the classroom, the answer is both yes and no Who me?…It started with a definite NO-NO of course as there were 15 other student teachers there, and have booked the media room as well as LCD projector. Be right back I was kind of disappointed in the beginning but then tried to find solutions for that problem.

The first solution is kind of try and error in which I used a song to teach a lesson on occupation entitled Colour Song. You can listen to the song below and who knows you may like it too as my pupils love it very much. You can download it from my skydrive by clicking “Colour Song“.

I played this song using my laptop and also two speakers. However, it is very hard to hear the song. What I have done then was grouping the pupils and let each group listen to the song twice. It took time and I had to continue the lesson the next day. I kind of happy when my pupils managed to complete the task sheet given which mean they are able to comprehend the lesson. So, I realized that do not stop if challenges are before me trying to pull me down. This is my very first lesson of using song in the classroom and there were a few more. Don't tell anyone smile

Apart from mp3 song, I had also used video. Towards the end of my practicum, I managed to book media room as the other student teachers had finished their practicum as utilized it to the fullest. I used a video that we have created for PBEY3103 as it is very relevant for my pupils. Watch this first.

I used this video for two different lesson with two different intended learning outcomes. The pupils like it very much as they asked me to repeat playing the video and laughed at times. Besides, they even joined the voices in the video when there were questions being pointed.  Although at times, they were kind of overexcited with the video, I managed to get to the root of the problem and utilized it for my next few lessons. I learned that if you are able to curve a smile on their face during the lesson, they will open their mind to learn. This is proven when all of them managed to answer correctly all the tasks in their worksheet. Open-mouthed smile

Apart from songs and video, I have also used power point presentation in my lessons. I created the power point myself and used it to teach. The same thing with video, I managed to book the media room (I came early on Monday that week to book the room Party smile) for two lessons and used it to the fullest. In order to not let the pupils get overexcited, I asked them to sit as though in class, in their groups, which means that best friends are separated Angel from one another. But, it managed to get the problem solved. The power point is not a slide presentation but rather a story that was again created by myself Hot smile. You can view the screen shots below or click “I Wonder How” to have a thorough look as it comes in a package (pictures + words + voice + sound effects + animation)







There are a few animals being introduced to the pupils apart from cat and the pupils really enjoyed it as they read together (and some of course pretending by moving their lips). But, through power point, I managed to teach how the animals produce the sound with real sound and can be repeated so many times. In fact, it help them during modelled reading as I can repeat the sentences for the pupils a few times without straining my voice. Rolling on the floor laughing I had also able to assess their ability to read by asking them to look at the power point and read the sentences. All I have to do is just a “click”.

I guess that’s all for this entry, do comeback for more exciting things…

Regards, MH…

MH is Reincarnated !!!


It has been a year since I last posted an entry…

Hopefully, another chance to voice out whatever I have in mind from my own perspective definitely will be vibrant than before [I’ll make sure that will happen]…

And i am thinking of making all the entries a bit interactive, so that we can learn from one another!!!

So, for a beginning:

Selamat datang!



Herzlich willkommen!




I kind of like Spanish these past few years, so can you find which is Spanish word among all the seven words listed??? As a clue, not the first one…

Enjoy the next entries which will be posted…

Best regards, MH.


People always say "A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words". Let us consider for a moment how very true this statement really is. Just glance at all pictures below.


Discussion: Are we really discussing?

Before we start with the Video Kit project, we have a discussion to synchronize everything so that we can submit the video kit project as a group. We have a thorough discussion although we are in Raya mood. However, as usual, things may not appear as we planned because when we did the video kit, there are a few minor changes need to be done. For example, our poster and brochure, we have planned to put our matrix number because we do not really understand the criteria of the video kit. But, after being briefed by Miss Ng, we realized that we need to think this kit is to be sold and not just for the purpose of assignment.


So tired, fall asleep already, can only see my hands and my forehead

To be honest, I love doing this. But, I am perfectionist.

While doing the video kit, a few minor changes have been done because we only realized certain errors when we truly delve into the process of making the video kit. But, I am glad to inform everyone that our group is "Green Group". We are very environmental friendly in which we recycle used materials to make our video kit.


This is our Video Kit

VCD (front and back) for the videos and also Task Sheets

Submission: I love the video kit, feel like does not want to submit it

This is the final product of our video kit. It looks very nice which make all of us feel like do not want to submit it. But, that is not the interesting part. The most important thing is that we have submitted our video kit which means we have had enough and done with the video kit.

Apart from learning how to make a video kit, we have also learned something else. The most important that I have discovered is that team work need co-operation among all members. If we do not practice that, we would not be able to produce a video kit that all of us feel like do not want to let it go. Like what "Wonderpets" always say, "What’s gonna work? = Team work."

Best regards, MH.

* thanks to all my group mates (Asmah, Najwa, Naqib, Yati) for the pictures (I grab it from them)


For me, an ideal classroom is a classroom with comprehensible environment for teaching and learning to take place.  Honestly, I do not imagine that my ideal classroom will have all sort of technological tools as I may not be posted to school which is located around the urban area in which all the facilities are available and can be accessed easily.

I was thinking of having a classroom with not more than 25 pupils and all the basic facilities are there such as whiteboard (instead of blackboard), desks and chairs which is enough for all the pupils, proper air flow and ventilation with a green surrounding (nature if possible) and last but not least, hand-made and concrete teaching aids to be used for teaching and learning (peripheral learning).

Best regards, MH


Giving feedback seems very easy as it sounds. However, I just realized that it really brings huge impact to the person who is receiving the feedback. While giving feedback, a few consideration need to be taken so that the feedback is viewed as constructive feedback. Recently, we are given chances to give feedback in which at the same time receive feedback regarding our video using YouTube as a channel of expression..

We are given freedom of expression in giving feedback, however, there are a few things need to be considered. The first thing that I have done is that, I watched the video a few times, and note down a few things which I think is good to ponder on especially for the person who is receiving the feedback so that they can improve on their video. The second thing I have done is that I reevaluate things that I have noted down  to see the relevance and whether they are constructive or not. Finally, I write the feedback in a way that the receiver will feel motivated and imagine myself in the shoes of the receiver.

Apart from being the one who is giving feedback, I have also be the one who is receiving feedback. When I have the chance to be both, I realized that giving feedback is not as easy as I think as it will affect the future of the final products that the receiver will do. As for receiving feedback, I realized that when I read feedback given, I will feel motivated to do changes that are necessary to improve my final products.

Best regards, MH.